Cybercrime is an area of growing legal complexity. The internet has facilitated the rise of computer based crime which is acknowledged as a major international issue. Modern Electronic Devices such as Laptop & Mobile Phones can become our worst enemy, if taken control by cyber criminals. Keeping in view the rise of cyber attackers Government of Pakistan introduced THE PREVENTION OF ELECTRONIC CRIMES ACT, 2016 & PREVENTION OF ELECTRONIC CRIMES INVESTIGATION RULES, 2018 to carter the persisting situation.

Cybercrime can be in many forms including:

  • Cyber Staking: Whoever intimidate or harass any person through any electronic means including (Internet, website, electronic mail) to monitor your activity which results in in fear of violence or serious alarm or makes video/Photo and displays its without your consent causing harm
  • Whoever with dis honest intention gains unauthorized access to any information system
  • Spread Hate Speech
  • Unauthorized use of identity information i.e. Uses another person identity like his picture
  • Offence against dignity of a natural person which includes “Sextortion” and revenge porn
  • Possession / downloading of indecent image
  • use of picture without your consent
  • Cyber fraud

All the above mentioned categories are offences under 2016 Act, which can be reported to Federal Investigative Agency (F.I.A) Cyber Crime Complaint Cell Online

 However, we would strongly suggest you to seek our Expert Opinion before lodging your complaint as your entire case would revolve/depend on it.