Property can be Tangible (which can be touched) and Non-tangible. The latter encompass Intellectual Property. It could be Patent, Trademark or Copyright. Legal Nexus can offer its services to help you secure the Intellectual Property Nationally & Worldwide.

The theory behind intellectual property laws (otherwise known as “IP laws”) is to grant certain time-limited exclusive rights in exchange for complying with certain registration formalities. This encourages and facilitates an environment in which creativity, originality and innovation can flourish by ensuring that originators of creative work can profit from their works without fear of misappropriation by others.

For many individuals and companies, intellectual property law protects more than just an idea or a concept – it protects genuine business assets that may be integral to the core services of a business, its overall value and its long-term financial viability. Although securing IP protection for your assets may seem daunting or time-consuming, our experienced intellectual property team will make the entire process stress free.

At Present, our clients ranges from E-commerce companies to SMEs, start-ups and individual inventors.