Partners of Legal Nexus are Internationally awarded by Charter Management Institute (CMI) United Kingdom for providing Professional Consultancy. Significance of Corporate law increases in an under-developing country like Pakistan as many people are in the process of starting their business. The firm has ample experience in “protection of minority shareholder right” regardless of ordinary or special shareholder & Compliance of Corporate Governance regulation.

Our firm offer its services to Startups by providing them an insight to Company Regulations, legal framework and Mandatory Compliance of Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (S.E.C.P). Be that Incorporation of Private Ltd, LLC, SMC, Not for profit association or N.G.O. or Protection of Intellectual property i.e. Trademark, Copyright and Patent, Director & Shareholder Agreement, Contract drafting, Non-disclosure Agreements; Teaming Agreements; Joint Venture Agreements; Bidding Documents; and Settlement and Release Agreements, Professional consultancy ranging from outsourcing of commercial agreements.

Firm is providing Legal Advisory Services to Several Banks, Corporate Enterprises and Satellite T.V, Channel “Home Entertainment”


To register a Private Limited Company in Pakistan with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (S.E.C.P). The below mentioned are the several Pre & Post requisites for Incorporation of Company in Pakistan. However, we would strongly suggest you to seek our opinion before falling prey to the brokers and save your Time & Money!

Following documents are required:

  • Company Name (3 option on priority basis)

(Check availability of Company name on

  • Nature of business
  • Provide Name of Director’s
  • Email of Director’s
  • Director’s Phone No.
  • Company Address (Residential or Commercial)
  • Clarification of CEO of Company


  • Passport Copy/Address
  • POC Card (if applicable)
  • Foreign Mobile No.
  • Latest Photograph


According to Section 17 of Companies Act 2017,

  • Company will open its Bank Account & Deposit the Amount within 30 days of incorporation
  • Receipt to be reported within 45 days from incorporation.
  • Directors will pass a Board Resolution nominating an Authorized person to appear before SECP
  • Director’s NTN, Company N.T.N
  • Company Sales Tax No. Generation
  • If Company Line of business, includes Import and export then “WeBoc” is required
  • Employment Agreement, Director and Shareholder Agreement

Apply for Patent, or Trademark (INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY) Depending on the business line of Company. Carriage Contract, etc.

Post Incorporation steps will vary according to Business line of company For Instance, Construction Company will register with Pakistan Engineering Council, Software Company will register with Pakistan Software Export Board.